Hey everybody, this is our website for hosting our deck tracker for Legends of Runeterra made by our two man team. The website and the deck tracker are still under heavy development, but we’re hoping you can give it a try and give informative feedback. We’ll be updating this website as the days go by, since this site is pretty barren right now.

Some things to note are:

Update: The deck tracker currently automatically updates whenever the user draws a card, or even when a card like Enraged Yeti is added to the deck through Yeti Yearling. It does not account for champion spells though. Users can manually update the tracker by left or right clicking each card to increase or decrease their card count. You can check for the probability of drawing specific cards, (assuming you’re updating the card count). You can also add cards yourself in the case where you play a card that has an effect of shuffling a card into your deck.

New Update: The Project has been put to a halt due to other priorities, thanks for the support! The contact email will remain active.

This entire project is to be done in Python, and frozen into a standalone executable.

Contact: runetracker.gg@gmail.com

Below you can find some photos and a quick demo of our app.

Current Executable (Mac coming soon!) Note: Setup may take a few minutes to download necessary files to run.

Windows Download
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